The MCPA does NOT sell or purchase medical cannabis

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Has Your Community Opted Out? Take Action Now!

Your voice matters in protecting medical freedoms in Mississippi. If you are a resident of a community that has opted out, you can join the movement to force an opt-in election.

See the map of communites that have opted out.

Download Medical Cannabis Petitions for Counties & Municipalities Here

Here's How:

  1. Download print your county or municipality form
  2. Sign or collect signatures from residents of that particular county or municipality.
    NOTE: Every line with a signature must be completely filled out with the signer’s address in order to count. Either 1,500 registered voters or 20% of a community’s population (whichever is the least) must sign the petition to request a special election.
  3. Mail the form to: MCPA, 10 Canebrake Blvd Suite 110-109, Jackson, MS 39232

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