The MCPA does NOT sell or purchase medical cannabis

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Dispensaries Update:

Are there dispensaries open near me?

Yes, there are dispensaries open near you. They are opening up all around Mississippi. Below is our interactive map with additional dispensary information below it. CHECK IT OUT!

The Mississippi Department of Revenue is in charge of licensing dispensaries. For a complete list of dispensaries that have applied for a license to operate in Mississippi as a medical marijuana dispensary follow this link. Please note that just because they have applied for a license it does not mean that they are open yet.

If you are a dispensary who would like to be listed on our compliant dispensary finder page, please contact or 601.863.9146.

Patients – What you need to know about entering into a dispensary.

  • Your Card can be Digital or Printed (do not enlarge or reduce when printing)
  • Present Valid DMV Issued ID w/Card
  • Keep your Patient ID Card with You at ALL Times
  • Cardholders must be 21 or Older to Enter a Dispensary

What are weekly allotments and how do I figure that out?

  • You will be able to purchase in weekly allotments which will total no more than 6 MMCEU which is an equivalent of:
    • 21 grams of flower
    • 6 grams of concentrate
    • 600 mg of edibles (infused products)
    • no limits and no medical card required to purchase topicals
  • Your weekly allotment for medical cannabis is on a ROLLING BASIS.
    FOR EXAMPLE: If you purchased your medical cannabis on a Wednesday and bought 3.5 grams every day for 6 days straight, then you will not be able to buy on Tuesday because you have reached your weekly allotment. However, that Wednesday your first 3.5 gram purchase would fall off, then the next day your Thursday 3.5g would fall off, and so on…as each purchase falls off, that amount once again becomes available for you to purchase.
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