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Statement on Statewide Decisions to Opt In or Opt Out of the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act

Jackson, MS, 5/4/2022 – The Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance applauds all municipalities and counties across Mississippi who have decided to participate in the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act. Many cities and counties across the state are supporting patients by allowing the cultivation, processing, testing, distribution, and dispensing of medical cannabis to patients. Those who have opted in are taking a stand in supporting our state’s patients’ medical freedom and their ease of access to quality healthcare. The Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance has and will support the most convenient access for eligible patients to medical cannabis.

For municipalities and counties that have decided to opt-out of the Mississippi Medical Cannabis Act, we hope that the Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance will be a resource for those local political leaders as they determine future decisions regarding medical cannabis. The Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance will continue to support petition drives, fundraising efforts, and continuous outreach to help Mississippi’s patients get access to the medicine they need.

The Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance hopes that all municipalities across Mississippi will work to keep open access to medical cannabis for all eligible patients. Over 147,000 Mississippi patients have debilitating conditions that would qualify for access to medical cannabis to alleviate symptoms like chronic pain, improve their ability to withstand life-saving treatments like chemotherapy, and improve their quality of life. This program assists patients across Mississippi in reducing unnecessary utilization of healthcare resources, lowers dependence on opioids and benzos, and gives patients long-sought medical freedom.

The Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance is Mississippi’s most trusted voice and resource for patients considering medical cannabis or who have been certified for its use. In addition, the Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance is available for patients who want the most current, reliable, and impartial information on how, when, and where to take their next step to improve their quality of life safely and effectively.

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In the News

How much will medical marijuana cost and who pays?

Updated: May 3, 2022 at 10:37 PM CDT

JACKSON, Miss. — Mississippi’s new medical marijuana program is ramping up. There is a list of diseases and ailments for patients looking for relief from chronic pain and to help them cope.

“No insurance will be paying for medical cannabis, period. It will be straight out of a patient’s pocket,” said Angie Calhoun, CEO and founder of the Mississippi Cannabis Patients Alliance. “Research shows that typically, in a new medical market, that we will be looking at approximately anywhere between $275 and $300 an ounce and that’s a lot of money.”

Mississippi Medical Marijuana Association hosts medical marijuana convention

Published: May. 5, 2022 at 10:41 PM CDT

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – It will still be months before patients have access to medical marijuana in Mississippi, but businesses are getting the groundwork laid now that the first set of regulations are in place.

A sold out conference full of folks who are wanting to be involved in the Magnolia State’s new medical marijuana industry. Some who previously left the state to seek it out.

“To see this gathering of people here who are going to make it happen, it’s very exciting,” said Jonathan Brown, director of Local Opt In and potential patient. “And personally, I can’t wait to cross the threshold into my first medical marijuana dispensary here in Mississippi and safely acquire the medicine that God has used to save my life. So I’m pretty excited about it.”

There was a significant milestone this week. The deadline for cities and counties to opt out was May 3.

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